Vaccine & Health Pass

Please note that neither a valid health pass nor a mask are required to enter any of our establishments. However our safety measures remain. Welcome back to Mama!

Safety and health measures

Mama wants to share with you the safety and security measures being taken to combat the health crisis. In each Mama, a Covid 19 ambassador mamamoji has been appointed in order to make sure that each of the points mentioned below, are known to all and respected by our teams mamamoji. Please note that most of our Mama have been awarded by the Bureau Veritas mamamoji label.

Keep cool, Mama is flex!

When you pick a “prepaid” rate on one of our offers, you can modify or cancel your stay free of charge, up to 3 days before your arrival (12 pm local time).


Available for all our Mama Shelter in France and Luxembourg, until the 30/06/2022.

Our safety measures

Safety measures for guests and areas

All our measures to ensure your protection: - Control of movement in and out of Mamas entrances - Security distances maintained between guests and Mama team - Disinfectant mats put in place at entrances - Signs showing social distancing measures and frequent reminders about hand washing - Hand sanitizer at reception, communal areas and on all floors - Masks and gloves available on request in restaurants - Frequently touched areas to be disinfected regularly

Safety measures for the staff

All our measures to ensure the protection of the team: - Use of visors and/or masks to be worn by all our team - Gloves to be changed every 30 mins in most operational services - Hand sanitizer and rigorous hygiene protocol - Uniforms disinfected daily at a 60°+ wash (140 degrees Fahrenheit) - Mama cleaning team equipment to be single use per room; gloves, masks, disposal mobcap (except in L.A), aprons, cloths, sponges and trash bags. - Mama kitchen team: gloves, masks, disposal mobcap (except in L.A), chef’s hat, hair and beard nets to be worn

Hygiene measures in our restaurants

All our measures taken in our restaurants: - Place settings disinfected, sealed and put in place upon guests’ arrival at tables - Payments by bank card actively encouraged - Communal areas to be treated with industrial grade peroxide disinfectant - Safety protocols put in place for reception of kitchen supplies to Mama kitchen and following necessary disinfection zone by zone - Toilet paper in rolls replaced by single sheet distributers (except in L.A)

Hygiene measures in our rooms

All our measures taken in our rooms: - Deep clean of rooms and high key touch points to be cleaned with industrial grade peroxide disinfectant + antibacterial spraying and aeration for 24h between guests - Room service made available during restaurant operating hours - TV remote controls available via smartphones - Keycards available for download to guests’ smartphones in our parisian Mamas - Washing of bed linen at 60°C+ (140 degrees Fahrenheit), press drying at 180°C (356 degrees Fahrenheit) for sheets, pillowcases, mattress protectors, towels, duvet and covers. Tumble drying at 160°C (320 degrees Fahrenheit) for sponges, duvets, blankets, bags and textile covers - Glasses, superhero masks, coffee machines, magazines and umbrellas will be removed from rooms and toilet paper systematically replaced

Hygiene measures for the front desk

All our measures taken for the front desk: - Hand sanitizer station - Online check in and check out (except in L.A) - Payment by bank card actively encouraged - Coin tray

Hygiene measures in our Ateliers

All our hygiene measures in our Ateliers: - Airing of spaces for 24h between meetings according to availability - Antibacterial spraying of meeting room after and prior to meetings - Deep cleaning of ateliers and furniture with treatment of frequently touched items with hospital antibacterial disinfectant - Online checkin and checkout recommended