• Serbian bistro

    Homa Bistrot

    Italian, French - €€-€€€ - 3.6 km from Mama

    Neighborhood bistro serving from breakfast time until nightfall.
    Nevesinjska 11, Beograd - +381 11 24 51 225

    When it’s sunny, enjoy a delicious meal on its terrace, sampling dishes from around the world, whether it be from Europe or from Asia, with vegetarian options available too.

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    Authentic restaurant


    Modern, Fusion - €€-€€€ - 850m from Mama

    First international chain of modern Balkan cuisine restaurants, serving delicious raki. Here, tradition and innovation meet, whether on the menu or through the interior design.
    Karadordeva 2, Beograd - +381 11 328 66 37

    Enjoy fine meals here, and on weekends, do so while a DJ cranks up the volume.

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    Espresso anyone?


    Coffee - € - 1.5 km from Mama

    Belgradians agree that this is the place for the best espresso in town.
    Dobracina 59, Beograd - +381 64 6423199

    Nestled in a neighborhood with strong ties to the bean, this place honors tradition by offering superior coffee served up by professional baristas. On Sundays, DJs add extra flavour.

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    For veggie lovers

    Radost Fina Kuhinjica

    European, Veggie - €€-€€€ - 350m from Mama

    Radost Fina Kuhinjica is a veggie restaurant by Kalemegdan, with an enchanting garden to boot.
    Pariska 3, Beograd - +381 60 60 30 023

    It might not be the easiest to find, but simply enter the apartment at the address and take your immediate right.

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    There is no season for ice cream

    Crna Ovca

    Ice creams - €€-€€€ - 500m from Mama

    Mouthwatering natural ice creams... the hazelnut is a must.
    Kralja Petra 58, Beograd - +381 65 335 82 80

    This ice cream parlour constantly reworks its recipes to ensure a creamier texture, creating an ice cream that melts more slowly, is less cold and that can be eaten year round! 

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  • Unmissable

    Belgrade Fortress

    The cradle of Belgrade - 550m from Mama

    A historically rich fortress that has come under fire during battles time and time again.
    Kalemegdan Fortress, Terazjie 3/V, Beograd

    Today’s structure is largely the product of reconstruction efforts led by Austro-Hungarians and Turks in the 18th century, although its origins can be traced all the way back to the neolithic period. 

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    Major monument

    Church of Saint Sava

    The Orthodox heart of Belgrade - 4.1 km from Mama

    The largest Orthodox Church in the Balkan region and third largest in the world, the Saint Sava was built in 1935. The church is said to rest on the exact spot where the Turks burnt Saint Sava's relics in 1595.
    Saint Sava Church, Krušedolska 2a, Beograd - +33 (0)1 53 68 90 68

    Since then, it has continuously been under construction, with later wars also interrupting work. Today, a 1200+sqm mosaic is being laid, said to be one of the largest in the world on a curved surface.

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    A little bit of history

    The 25 May Museum

    Museum of Yugoslavia - 2.8 km from Mama

    The 25 May Museum was designed to hold all the gifts presented to President Tito in the mid-late twentieth century.
    Mihaila Mike Jankovića 6, Beograd - +381 11 36 71 485

    Strategically located between Tito’s residence and the Yugoslav People’s Army stadium, the museum today includes a gallery for temporary exhibitions, the House of Flowers, where Tito is buried, and the Old Museum, where the leader’s gifts are displayed.

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    Contemporary art – 3.8 km from Mama

    Founded in 1965, the MoCAB was opened with the aim of exploring the most relevant twentieth century artists in the Yugoslav, Serbian and global art world.
    Ušće 10, blok 15, Beograd

    The reputation the museum has garnered over the years has allowed it to become respected on the international stage, prompting collaborations with other museums around the world.

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  • Charming beach escape

    Ada Ciganlija

    A break in the city – 7 km from Mama

    Belgrade-on-Sea sounds a bit like a movie title. Every summer, just a few bus stops from the city centre, the island of Ada Ciganlija offers charming beach escapes for city dwellers in need of a coastal pick-me-up.
    Ušće 10, Beograd - +381 11 7857 220

    Water skiing, pedalos and bungee jumping are all on the menu. The soundtrack is techno, pop and electro, so there’s something for everyone, and the same goes for food, with a good choice of bars and restaurants. Athletic bike riders hone their calf muscles on the (almost) 5-mile round-island bike path. Out of season, you can still stop off for a cup of tea or an ice cream in the few kiosks still open. In the main part of the island, sports facilities include tennis courts, soccer pitches, basketball and volleyball courts and even a golf course. The park also has free-to-use public barbecues.

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    Gypsy Quarter


    The bohemian soul of Belgrade - 1.1 km from Mama

    Travel back in time to the city’s Bohemian movement by walking down cobblestoned Skadarlija Street, paved with nineteenth century stones. First occupied by gypsies in the 1830s, the area became known as the ‘Gypsy Quarter’ until the late 1800s, despite the renovations that had occured during that time.

    From the 1850s onward, the streets and buildings were filled with hungry artists, actors, caterers, clerks and other artisans. Their stories still set the tone of the neighborhood today thanks to the street performers who sing about them, or the  buildings’ murals that depict the scenes of their lives. Today, the Skadarlija quarter is protected by law and myriad small shops and cafés line the street. It’s like Belgrade’s very own Montmartre.

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    (c) Zoran Zivotic 2002.
    The best shopping address


    Local craftsmanship – 500m from Mama

    A wine bar and store stocked with carefully selected top-quality products celebrating Serbia.
    Kosancicev venac 20, Beograd - +381 (0) 11 40 54 755

    Here, local craft items—often upcycled—rub shoulders with a few antique pieces. Undoubtedly one of the best shopping addresses in the city.

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  • Fashion crush

    Dechko Tzar

    Graffiti artists - 290m from Mama

    Graphic, funky tees and baseball caps, perfect for souvenir hunting.
    Gračanička 16, Beograd - +381 63 7600298

    Beware, you might want to buy everything in this streetwear temple, as clothing and accessories are as cool as the White City itself.

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    Rare vinyl records


    Yugoslav vinyls - 1 km from Mama

    A true temple of Yugoslav music, this store has an incredible collection of vinyls.
    Cetinjska 15, Beograd - +381 66 8834480

    Highly recommended for music fiends.

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    Club on the river


    It’s time to dance - 2.5 km from Mama

    Club on the Sava River - an essential part of the city’s nightlife.
    Klub 20/44 Ušće bb, Beograd - +381 64 2448013

    Klub 20/44 hosts concerts for a wide range of genres.

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