Mama's Gang

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Who is Mama?

Mama Shelter is atypical mamamoji and hip living spaces mamamoji where everyone feels at home and finds their place. Places that come from a mix of influences, encounters mamamoji, freedom, sensations and emotions mamamoji. Each Mama tells the story of the city mamamoji in which it is located, where all cultures mix.


Mama Shelter is also…

1,780 members

17 cities

9 countries

Welcome at Mama

Your mission, if you accept it, will be to contribute to making it a magical place that fully corresponds to the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s travelers and city dwellers. What makes the difference at Mama is above all the team, our stories may be different, but together we are all Mama.

Our values

  • Caring

    We take care of each other

    No matter the tattoos, piercings and other extravagances, we value our future members of Mama's Gang and guests for who and how they are. Sharing our differences is also caring for each other.
  • Authentic

    Shine bright like a diamond

    At Mama we're looking for personalities who will make a difference and provide unforgettable experiences for our guests. We'll allow you to unleash the "Showman" within you!
  • Team player

    Be part of the tribe

    Mama is above all a gang, a team. It is together that we create our story.
  • Passion

    In you we trust

    We believe in the potential of each individual. At Mama we reward our members of Mama's Gang for being passionate about their work and their daily involvement. It's not just a job we offer, but an adventure, a career.
  • Cheeky

    Let’s break the rules

    Since its inception, Mama has never ceased to renew and reinvent itself by breaking the codes of the hotel and restaurant business.
  • Generous

    Sharing is caring

    We want to offer each guest a little moment of happiness, smiles and more smiles. At Mama, we're generous above all, just like our famous dishes.

Reasons to join the Mama’s Gang*

  • You will be part of MAMA’S GANG

    At Mama, we trust our members of Mama's Gang, we listen to them, we support them and above all we push them to excel every day. A manager at Mama is human, benevolent and always available to the members of the Mama Gang.
  • You can grow with Mama

    At Mama you can easily evolve if you give yourself the means. Everyone has the right to a chance and is rewarded for the work they do.
  • You will be integrated and supported by the MAMA’S GANG

    At Mama the teams are caring, supportive and motivated. Members of Mama's Gang and guests alike contribute to the family atmosphere, which is what drives the Mama Gang members to excel and stay.
  • Come as you are

    At Mama, we work in a slightly offbeat universe and we break the codes of the hotel and restaurant business. There is no judgement, you can come dressed as you like and we are on first-name terms.
  • You can be yourself and show your personality

    At Mama, you feel comfortable and above all, yourself, while remaining professional. No matter what position you hold, a member of Mama's Gang is listened to and respected. You can bring your own creative touch and you are open to suggestions/ideas that you may have.
  • You will come to work with passion

    At Mama, we work in an atypical, beautiful and no-headache environment. We exchange ideas, we meet different people every day, we please our guests and our teams. We have fun while we work, that's what makes the unique charm of Mama.
  • If you leave us, we will be ready to welcome you back

    We are always open to welcoming former members of Mama's Gang. When they come back to Mama they've evolved and grown, that's what makes their richness and ours.
  • You will enjoy Mama’s benefits

    Great prices on nights and Mama's food. Very good but affordable health insurance (50% contribution). Help on sustainable mobility (advantageous transport package). Co-optation bonuses. Possibility to work 4 days a week (depending on the position).

*Results from a survey of various Mama Shelter hotels and over 100 members of Mama’s Gang.

Do you know the song?

1st verse

We arrange an initial phone call and/or interview with the Human Resources Manager if your application meets our rhythm.


After the successful phone interview, we'll meet you at the Mama or in our offices. Be strong! (x2 depending on the position)

Last verse

Naturally, you'll get an answer from us whether it is ? or ?.

What we're looking for

At Mama Shelter, we’re looking for people with a welcoming and caring nature, but above all, open to the world and to others. Through your expertise, know-how and skills, you’ll be part of an incredible adventure. Click below to discover the history of Mama Shelter. 

Discover more

You'll be perfect at Mama if...

  • mamamojiYou can play foosball
  • mamamojiYou like Mama’s good and generous food
  • mamamojiYou can sing a capella the most ridiculous song on your playlist
  • mamamojiYou can assume your outfit at staff parties

Mama ❤ students

Get an internship or a work-study program at one of our Mamas! Are you studying for a diploma or certification? Are you passionate about the hotel and restaurant business? Are you looking for professional experience to put your knowledge into practice and acquire new skills? Mama is for you!
Discover the testimonies of our students.

  • Stefan, Kitchen intern, Belgrade

    “I am very happy with my internship, I've learned a lot, people here are great! I would definitely come again or stay to work if there is a chance for that!”

  • Valentine, Events intern, Lyon

    “The Mama Shelter experience is a diversity of missions, a professionalism of the teams with a human management that encourages initiative and self-confidence; this is appreciable, especially at the beginning of one's career.”

  • Louise, Human Resources intern, Headquarter

    “A unique and very rewarding first experience in the world of work. A caring team that listened to me and was able to stimulate me and put me at ease very quickly. I came out of this adventure grown up, happy with everything I learned and the encounters I was able to make.”

  • Lisa, Human Resources intern, Paris La Defense

    “Although I joined Mama La Défense recently, I can already tell you that I'm very happy. I learn new things every day, I put my theoretical knowledge into practice and thus develop my skills and potential, all in a friendly atmosphere.”

  • Eleonora, Kitchen intern, Rome

    “ My experience at Mama has been very positive. I felt at ease right away, and with the staff it was great. I’ve learned lots of new things.”

  • Veljko, Reception intern, Belgrade

    “I love the people and the hotel itself. I like the position of bellboy because every day something new is happening, new people and new experiences.”

  • Mathilde, Human Resources intern, Paris West

    “My Mama experience was very enriching, I was an integral part of the team with real missions. I worked in a friendly environment with a very good atmosphere! An experience I won't forget!”

  • Benjamin, Events trainee, Luxembourg

    “My internship as a sales representative at Mama Shelter was a good first experience. After having learned about the different areas and services of the hotel, I was able to make commercial approaches to customers by applying the commercial and pricing policy of the hotel. This helped me to be more at ease with customers and to improve my communication skills.”