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Mama thinks you should always have just the right balance between work and celebration mamamoji. In 13 cities around the world, Mama has created just for you, fun and practical private spaces mamamoji to party, exchange, brainstorm or just chat. Whether it’s a business meeting, a party with friendsmamamoji or a moment of relaxation, Mama will meet all your needs. For more fun, laughter, creativity or productivity, our spaces are fully equipped mamamoji and can be adapted to your needs and desires.


Mama offers you fully equipped meeting rooms. Whether it’s a business meeting, team building, kick-off or a seminar, book your tailor-made events. Relax on our terraces, rooftops and restaurants. No time? Then enjoy our homemade dishes directly in your meeting room.

  • Mama London overview of workshop with long white table and chairs, as well as LED screen
    Mama London
  • Mama Paris La Défense overview of workshop with multiple tables and chairs, white board and LED screen
    Mama Paris La Défense
  • Mama Toulouse overview of workshop with multiple tables in circle, chairs, LED screen and big windows
    Mama Toulouse


Mama loves to party, so when it’s time, she does it seriously! With friends, family or colleagues, enjoy your private event. Birthday, bachelor(ette) party… with homemade local food, virgin cocktails (or not) and finally super comfy beds to end the evening, all in true Mama style.

Discover our private spaces

No more boring and anxious meeting rooms. Mama breaks the rules with her design and modular meeting rooms. Privatizable rooms, perfect for your meetings, seminars, parties with friends or any other event. LED screens, Bose© audio system, football table… Our meeting rooms are fully equipped and adaptable. Whatever your destination, Mama will surprise you!

Gather your team occasionally, a few days a week or more, in a furnished, modular, collaborative office designed for your well-being and your team’s. Coworking, private offices, meeting rooms and seminars, privatization or domiciliation, take your laptop and come work at Mama! Enjoy our Mama Works in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon and Luxembourg. 


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