Coffee, croissants, pain au chocolat and pastries… Mama brightens up your day from breakfast mamamoji! Enjoy our homemade mamamoji  sweets, on the go or calmly on the terrace mamamoji. Enjoy a well-deserved lunch break in a fun and colorful space and enjoy our sweet and salty snacks: drinks, sandwiches, saladsmamamoji

2 rue du Fort Niedergruenewald 1616, Luxembourg Itinerary
Bakery : +352.

Opening hours

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Monday - Friday:

  • Bakery - From 06:30 to 15:00

    Closed on bank holidays

Saturday and Sunday:

  • Closed

“All our products are made with a lot of love and butter”

Kévin Jeanson


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Homemade food

Signature cocktails

Music sessions

Signature cocktails concocted by our bartenders and homemade local dishes, prepared with love and all set to music. Mama’s restaurants are synonymous with relaxed gatherings, lively meetings and informal celebrations…