Mama Luxembourg’s playful design mamamoji nods to both the old and new. In the restaurant, graffiti on the ceiling by French artist Beniloys is sure to catch your eye, and contemporary decor by Mama’s Design Studio, led by Benjamin El Doghaïli, adds a playful note. Menus by Jean-Edern Hurstel mamamoji feature a host of favorites from Ceviche to freshly baked pizza mamamoji.

2 rue du Fort Niedergruenewald 1616, Luxembourg Itinerary
Restaurant : +352.


mamamoji Only the terrace is open

Continental breakfast: 7 am to 11 am | Lunch & snacking: 11.30 am to 6 pm, daily. Booking isn’t mandatory but recommended.

“Taste our wood-fired pizzas in our huge restaurant and kick back on our benches.”

André, General Manager

"Generous, Mediterranean dishes by Jean-Edern Hurstel"

Mama's signature

Homemade food

Signature cocktails

Music sessions

But also… table football, ping-pong, brunch and events. Mama’s restaurants are all about relaxed gatherings, lively get-togethers and informal celebrations…

Our chef

Mama’s menus are devised by renowned French chef Jean-Edern Hurstel mamamoji. Thanks to his vision, dishes have a light Mediterranean touch mamamoji and a hint of his Alsatian heritage. Above all, attention to detail underscores every plate of food.