*Each Sunday
  • Live
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  • Thursday Live fever

    • Dj set

    Mama does her show, two Thursdays a month.
    A live singer meets a DJ.

    Thursday April 4: DJ KAYUS x DRISS FARIO

    Thursday, April 18: DJ VIN’SCO x KIRO FARRIO

    🕐From 7.30pm to 11.30pm
    📍In the main restaurant on the ground floor
    🍹The perfect opportunity to sample tasty cocktails at the bar
    👩‍👧‍👧The perfect evening to share as a couple, with family or friends, while enjoying dinner at the restaurant. Reservations are strongly recommended.

  • DJ ATA

    • Dj set

    ATA is a multidisciplinary artist with a wide and rich universe. Both DJ and singer, in addition to being a producer, this young talent loves sharing an immersive musical trip with the crowd. One could describe her style as an Afro-electro trance, mixed on her voice’s tunes to get hypnotic sets.


    Former Lyon’s “Les Coulisses” club’s owner, Tony S. Kay is the literal definition of a DJ. He grew up between the city of love, Paris, and Southern California, and was always surrounded by music, especially within the Hip Hop culture. Tony considers himself a global citizen and he has diverse experiences in cuisine, music, and acting, to name a few…

    His DJ sets revolve around capturing the atmosphere and the mood of the crowd. Drawing inspirations from a diverse range of artists such as NERD, Drake, Kanye West and Kaytranada, he was able to elevate his mixes to another level with a wide variety of music!

  • Brunch

    *Each Sunday

    The Sunday rendez vous at the Mama Shelter Paris West.
    In the main restaurant on the ground floor from 12:30 to 4:30 pm.
    We strongly recommend booking your table.
    Mama concocts a buffet that changes with the seasons and our Chef’s specialties!


    Price: 46/adult and €23/child (under 12).


    An animation area is reserved for children, from 1pm to 4pm, supervised by Nannyplease’s certified animators.


    April program: Spring
    Manual workshop: Sticker decoration for younger children / Creation of a luminous Mama butterfly for older children
    Group games: The killer / Simon Says
    Musical games: Back and Forth / Musical Chairs / Small party


    Manual workshop: Sticking, peeling, tearing for younger children / Crafting a potted flower for older children
    Group games: Chicken Walk/ Chain Mime
    Musical games: Musical Balloons / The Conductor / Small party


    – 21/04/2024:
    Manual workshop: Color sorting for younger children / Mama bookmark for older children
    Group games: Spring Quiz / Word Race
    Musical games: Blindtest / The Color Game / Small party


    – 28/04/2024:
    Manual workshop: Watercolor painting for younger children / Creation of a ladybug clock for older children
    Group games: In My Suitcase / Earth, Sea, Sky
    Musical games: Musical Statues  / Position game / Small party


    *Each Sunday
    • Live


    Every Sunday from 7 pm to 11 pm, Mama fights against the Sunday night blues with live music and a comforting menu  in the main restaurant on the ground floor! mamamoji


    The Super Sunday formula at €19 includes:

    – ½ roast free-range chicken, French fries & salad🍗

    – Vanilla profiteroles with chocolate sauce and almonds!😋


    And live concert starting at 7 pm! 🎶🎉


    April’s program:


    • Nils Indjein (07/04/2024)

    Nils Indjein, a pianist and singer hailing from Nice, France, launched his first album in 2018. He gravitates towards Funk, Jazz, and French pop genres.


    • Ata (14/04/2024 and 21/04/2024)

    ATA is a versatile artist known for her Afro-electro trance style, blending DJing, singing, and producing to create immersive, hypnotic sets.


    • Humain Cool (28/04/2024)

    Humain Cool seamlessly transitions from emotionally charged rap to deep-voiced pop, offering a blend of acoustic magic and touching vocals.



    Activist and passionate about hip-hop culure, Joe leDoe was only 8 when he got his first cassettes tapes
    and CDs. After a few years of rap, he discovered his parent’s
    Soul records and, by recognizing most of the
    numerous samples he had heard before, he decided to start his quest. hip-hop was only a small aspect of
    what music can offer him. John leDoe then became a master in the art of blending styles to adapt to the perfect situation.

  • DJ RODY V.

    Rody V. is a self-taught individual at heart, as well as a geek, a dancer and a lover of the dancefloor. The call of the turntables was a logical evolution for him. His Pop hits style always ventures into Rn’B, disco, funk or even Kpop! Rody V will do everything he can to make you dance, sing and twerk more than you should.

  • Yoga by Mama at Paris West

    • Special Event

    Every other Saturday, fun, rhythmic, and liberating yoga at Mama Paris West.

    📅 From Saturday, April 13
    ⏰ From 10am to 11am
    📍 Workshop 3
    🔥 Instructor: Olivia Courbis
    🧘‍♀️ Vinyasa yoga

    🧿Yoga mat included
    🍃 €15/ pers.

    Olivia Courbis is a graduate of the Alvin Ailey School of Dance in NYC. She discovered Warrior yoga with Aria Crescendo and decided to train with her to teach this discipline everywhere, allowing people to take time for themselves and to challenge themselves.
    She then started giving Burning Ballet and Body Burn classes at Chez Simone, to work up a sweat and share her energy, which kept her busy during the lockdown.
    Additionaly, she’s also an actress – you can currently see her in “Pax Massilia” by Olivier Marchal on Netflix, among others.

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    • Dj set

    TataFio is a multifaceted woman both in life and in music. Digital manager during the day and DJ by night, she is a rising figure on the Parisian music scene who has also had the opportunity to perform at the renowed Les Ardentes festival, as well as in London. With African sounds and Caribbean rhythms, she will bring you on a journey through her sunny unverse filled with positive energy.