Former Lyon « Les Coulisses » club’s owner, Tony S. Kay litteraly is « Dj by nature ». He grew up between the city of love called Paris, France, and Southern California, and he was always surrounded by music, especially within the Hip Hop culture. Tony considers himself a global citizen and he has diverse experiences in cuisine, music, and acting, to name a few…

    His dj sets are all about the atmosphere he gets in, the mood of the crowd. From NERD to Drake through Kanye West or Kaytranada, he has solid influences that enable him to get his mix to another level with a wide variety of music!


    Back on 23/02/2023
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    Verukka is as talented behind the decks as she is impressive in front of the lenses during shootings or fashion shows, or on the dancefloors as a professional dancer : you can call her a complete artist. Rich of a very wide range of influences where Hip Hop RnB and Afro beats remain central, she make you travel through her dense and colorful universe !


    *Each Sunday

    Former musical programmer at the famous Radio Nova, founder of the band Roseaux, and boss of Fanon Records, Emile Omar has multiple hats! Behind the decks, this real musical druid offers a nice elixir of Caribbean flavors, past and present, fevered by African and Latina spices. Emile Omar is a gold digger, a fresh sounds hunter, delighted to make the spirits dance on forgotten gems and surprises!


    Activist and truly passionate about Hip Hop culure, Joe JonDoe was only 8 when he first got k7 and CDs. After his rap years, he discovered his parent’s Soul records, recognizing most of the numerous samples he heard before, then started a real quest. Hip Hop is only a small part of what music can offer: he becomes a master at mixing all styles to match with the present mood.

  • DJ RODY V.

    Back on 25/02/2023

    Rody V. is a self-taught at heart. Geek, dancer and dancefloor lover, he logically fell for the decks. His Pop hits style always follows divergent paths through RnB, Disco, Funk or even KPop! Rody V does everything he can so you dance, sing and twerk beyond reason.


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    For more than 15 years now Walter Wallace exalts the passion behind the turntables and especially EMU SP 1200, the iconic hip hop sampler, then electro. Innovative and well produced, this requirement for the other’s sounds, he exercises over its own creations. It focuses on the quality of production more than label. And his music is an open window on otherness.


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    Bring you total happiness, inner peace & crazy love..

    The Mama Carnival is back at Mama Shelter Paris West in the main restaurant on the ground floor.

    Dance, color and fun.

    Reservation recommended via: