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In a setting that blends fun, history and local culture, enjoy homemade dishes mamamoji and finger food mamamoji and sip cocktails mamamoji wherever your mood takes you: at Mamm’s Bar, the restaurant or on the rooftop mamamoji. Enjoy the moment, admire the view mamamoji, switch to relaxation mode and let Mama take care of the rest.

3 place de la Trinité, 35000 Rennes Itinerary

Restaurant & Bar

Take a seat in our restaurant on the third floor (Place des Lices side) on one of our communal tables and enjoy delicious homemade food. For a drink, head to the bar on the first floor, with its elegant terrace and interiors that feature carved woodwork and powder pink fireplaces. Our Mamm’s Bar in the basement will prompt you to discover inventive cocktails, or a generous selection of wines and beers, while you lounge in our velvet armchairs.

mamamoji  Homemade food   mamamoji  Signature cocktails

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Head up one floor to enjoy captivating views over the rooftops of Rennes while sharing plates and creative cocktails. Whether you’re enjoying a post-work unwind or relaxing with friends and family, trust Mama!


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In Mama’s basement, our Mamm’s Bar and karaoke rooms are discreetly tucked away. No password. No fuss. Just push open the door. If you can find it….

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Homemade food

Signature cocktails

Music sessions

Signature cocktails concocted by our bartenders and homemade local dishes, prepared with love and all set to music. Mama’s restaurants are synonymous with relaxed gatherings, lively meetings and informal celebrations…