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As usual, there is something to suit all tastes. Come and relax on our very comfortable seats mamamoji , have a drink around the island bar mamamoji or enjoy the view from the panoramic restaurant, “Mama’s Penthouse” mamamoji. Once again, Mama has all the tools to make you happy! mamamoji

10 rue Jean Jaurès 92800 Puteaux Itinerary

Mama's Penthouse

Come and enjoy an amazing view of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower from our ethnic inspired panoramic restaurant. Between graphic materials and chic patterns, you will definitely not want to leave this place, either to have a drink, enjoy some great food prepared with the complicity of the chef Pierre Chomet mamamoji  or to appreciate the (great) view!


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mamamoji Cocktails

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  • Mama Shelter Paris La Défense Restaurant Eiffel Tower
  • Mama Shelter Paris La Défense Restaurant Eiffel Tower

Mama's Diner

  • Mama Shelter Paris La Défense Restaurant Diner's

Mama welcomes you to her eclectic Diner with a space-inspired mood and invites you on a tasty journey, with homemade meals or delicious cocktails, on large communal tables and intimate corners.

 Homemade food   mamamoji  Dishes to share

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Sports Bar

Feeling like sipping a cocktail or drinking a beer while watching a game? With its typical American sports bar atmosphere, Mama has done everything to create a relaxing and friendly environment around the large island bar.


mamamoji Signature Cocktails

DJ set & lives

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Mama's signature

Homemade food

Signature cocktails

Music sessions

Signature cocktails concocted by our bartenders and homemade local dishes, prepared with love and all set to music. Mama’s restaurants are synonymous with relaxed gatherings, lively meetings and informal celebrations…