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The guide has been written at this very particular time – consequently the information we publish may change over the next few days and weeks. We’ve taken into account the announced closures of some venues, the cancellations of shows in some venues and will update our city guide as soon as the situation gets back to normal – which we hope will be as soon as possible!

  • The most native Toulouse


    French, Healthy - €€-€€€ - 300 m from Mama

    Simultaneously a wine bar, restaurant and delicatessen, J'Go is celebrating its 25th anniversary of enduring success. The recipe for its popularity? Warmth, authenticity and passion for dishes from south-western France with a lively modern twist, local produce and short circuits.
    16 Place Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 61 23 02 03

    On the menu? Cassoulet with beans produced by the Patacq family, confit Bigorre black pork shank, home-made Toulouse sausages, and more… J’Go also boasts a cocktail bar (the Pivolo), a bistro-lounge – where you can nibble tapas while sipping a glass of wine – and two large terraces opening onto one of the town’s most attractive squares.

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    The most fusion

    Restaurant Hito

    French, Healthy - € - 1.6 km from Mama

    He learned his trade at La Blanche - a chic French restaurant in the heart of Tokyo - and became so passionate about our gastronomy that he decided to settle down here.
    26 rue de la fonderie, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 61 22 42 92

    After a stint with the Michelin starred Toulouse chef Yannick Delpech, in 2019 Hitoshi Araki chose to go his own way and opened this little hideaway – a simple 22-seat restaurant serving local cuisine executed with Japanese precision. Real treats such as this ethereal cauliflower mousse refreshed by a tomato jelly or a duck breast cooked to absolute perfection, flanked by a combo of eggplant, fennel and artichoke – all at attractive prices. Prior reservations (logically) only.

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    The most family-friendly

    Monsieur George

    French, Vegetarian & Vegan welcomed - €€-€€€ - 550 m from Mama

    The sort of neighborhood bistro we love - a beautiful brick façade, a succession of small rooms that give it the feel of a family home and a sunny terrace overlooking Place Saint George.
    20 place Saint-Georges 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 61 29 81 96

    Enjoy food skillfully prepared with love: the unmissable duck confit and cassoulet, scallops with truffle oil and a copious platter of “Monsieur Georges” cold cuts to share – without forgetting their rice pudding, which is to die for! By the way, this bistro is also a rugby enthusiasts’ stronghold with third halves that last late (very late!) into the night.

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    The most exotic

    La Pente Douce

    French, European, Modern cuisine - €€€€ - 900 m from Mama

    He thought he was an aircraft mechanic, but then he indulged his other passion - cooking, which his mother had taught him in his native Fez. In 2008, Hamid Miss decided to open La Pente Douce, an elegant space with an open kitchen, old wooden floors and a counter full of spices.
    6 rue de la Concorde, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 61 46 16 91

    A self-taught chef who is as brilliant as he is meticulous, Hamid treats his guests to his sunny cuisine with a fusion of local and Moroccan inspirations. The keftas are prepared with beef from Aubrac, the tagines with lamb from Aveyron, and the shakshuka is livened up with Anglet peppers. On Thursdays La Pente Douce also offers an impressive couscous with tender vegetables, spiced with a fabulous harissa paste that Hadda, Hamid’s mother, prepares.

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    The most starred

    Michel Sarran

    French, European, Healthy - €€€€ - 1.6 km from Mama

    He was born in the heart of the Gers, where his mother ran one of the most popular inns in the region. From this childhood, Michel Sarran has inherited both a passion for southern gastronomy and a solid friendship with Jean-Claude, who stayed in the village and has been supplying him with the very best vegetables for the past 25 years.
    21 rue Armand Duportal, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)61 12 32 32

    In 1995, Toulouse’s celebrity chef opened his eponymous restaurant wanting to regale his faithful customers with local cuisine mixed with a few travel-related inspirations. Top-notch gastronomy earned him two Michelin stars for this beautiful restaurant, where an extraordinary menu called “Le Capitole” is served at lunch every day. What’s on the plate? A creamy Tarbes white bean soup with smoked bacon and foie gras, a salad of prawn spring rolls with black mushrooms and ginger, seven hour slow-cooked lamb accompanied by traditional varieties of vegetables, and to finish a vanilla caramelized pear topped with Dulcey chocolate cream. An exceptional experience for only €60; an opportunity not to be missed under any circumstances!

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  • flamingo The most stunning

    The Jacobins convent

    Hidden gem - 950 m from Mama

    One of the oldest and without doubt the most beautiful buildings in the city. Don't be fooled by its solid appearance and imposing bell tower - the interior is a miracle of lightness with the immense volume of the nave and the incredible forest of 30 meter columns designed to support the wooden panels that separated the brothers from the faithful.
    Place des Jacobins, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)7 56 81 99 77

    Everything here is breathtakingly beautiful: the gargoyles on the buttresses, the paintings in the Saint-Antonin chapel, the tranquility of the cloister, now a student refuge. But the thing we like most about this convent is a well-kept secret. It’s the way the rays of the afternoon sun project the colors of the stained glass windows onto the stone walls creating a palette of infinitely intermingling and intense yellows, blues and reds.

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    flamingo The most historic

    A stroll in the heart of Toulouse

    From Middle Age to Renaissance - 600 m from Mama

    It isn’t widely known, but Toulouse is one of the most spectacular historic cities in France. Starting from the famous Place du Capitole, take a stroll through the medieval quarter and stop off as the fancy takes you - the basilica of St Sernin which welcomed pilgrims on their way to Compostela; the cloister of the Augustins museum and its medicinal herb garden; the narrow streets of Les Changes, Les Filatiers or Le May.
    Place du Capitole, 31000 Toulouse

    A stone’s throw away are yet more treasures with the Renaissance residences of Seguy, Dumay, Berny and the Hôtel d’Assézat with its loggias, mullioned windows and sculpted columns. A real open-air museum but also a lively district with bars, shops, and art and design galleries.

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    flamingo The most futuristic

    The space-age city

    Fly me to the moon - 4.3 km from Mama

    The aerospace city had a duty to offer its public a place that illustrates the modernity of this universe. And it's done just that with its unique Cité de l'Espace, which boasts two planetariums, an IMAX cinema and permanent exhibition halls where you can admire a piece of the moon brought back by the Apollo 15 astronauts or a meteorite straight from Mars.
    Avenue Jean-Gonor, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 67 22 23 24

    Toulouse’s Space City also houses an exhibition pavilion which offers a wide range of activities – watch comets in motion, board real spaceships, witness rocket launches, and even experience outer space. As long as you’ve got a strong stomach!

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    flamingo The most contemporary

    Les Abattoirs

    Art - 2.3 km from Mama

    The place is first of all famed for its architecture. Designed in 1831 by the architect Urbain Vitry, he gave the building its industrial feel while at the same time drawing inspiration from the city's churches and their immense naves.
    76 allée Charles-de-Fitte, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 34 51 10 60

    Permanently closed in 1995, the Abattoirs were then transformed into a museum and given an incredible addition – a room dug out under the Garonne designed to house a masterpiece: the stage backdrop Pablo Picasso produced for a Romain Rolland play that was performed in the city’s theatre in 1936. An 8 by 13 meter pastel, it testifies to the artist’s Blue Period. The rest of the collection is on a par with this treasure featuring around 2500 works by artists such as Arman, César, Duchamp, Dubuffet, Combas, Mappelthorpe and more. In addition it holds some remarkable temporary exhibitions, concerts, conferences, and has a beautiful esplanade overlooking the Garonne.

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  • The most intellectual

    Les Ombres Blanches

    Bookshop - 800 m from Mama

    Christian Thoral is still at the helm of this bookshop which he founded in 1975 and which he has continued to develop. Today, it covers 2000 m2, houses more than 150,000 books and offers a remarkable selection, particularly of foreign literature (American and Russian), detective stories and art books.
    3 rue Mirepoix 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 34 45 55 32

    A lively and warm space, Les Ombres Blanches is full of clever initiatives, such as their “blind” purchase option – gift wrapped novels with a poster above that says: “Let your bookseller surprise you, treat yourself to a book!”. Regularly organized events also offer Toulouse locals the opportunity to meet contemporary authors. Its vitality is justly rewarded because Les Ombres Blanches is regularly elected as one of the ten best bookshops in France.

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    flamingo The most design

    Chez Zel

    Concept store - 600 m from Mama

    Decoration, tableware, lighting, fashion, cosmetics... A brand new concept store with a 180° selection and a philosophy: to showcase French creativity. At the helm, Elodie has gathered together her favorites giving pride of place to young designers.
    25 Rue de la Pomme, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 62 19 29 53

    We love the Marseille ceramics by Monochronic, the light fixtures produced by the Bordeaux brand September, the wooden designs straight from Tarn&Garonne, the bricks with the names of the Toulouse districts from La Brique de Mon Païs, the organic skincare products produced by Malou & Marius and the organic candles by Fariboles. A very wide choice of carefully chosen and perfectly sourced products.

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    flamingo The most spectacular

    Quais de la Garonne

    Wandering around - 1.2 km from Mama

    Toulouse hasn’t misappropriated its nickname of the Pink City - far from it! Check it out by following the stream of Toulouse locals that have made the Garonne river quaysides their favorite meeting place; it’s festive, picturesque and poetic. Magical at sunset, when the facades of the houses lining the banks light up with a full palette of ochres and pinks. The panorama is wonderful from the Saint-Michel bridge, stretching northward for some five kilometers.
    Quai de la Daurade, 31000 Toulouse

    Then you come to Pont-Jumeaux, a small miracle of stones and water with the sculptures of the bountiful Garonne and the sculptures of little geniuses that worked hard to build the Brienne canal. Between the two bridges are a succession of gems – the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Daurade, the old wheat mills now converted into a cultural center, the Saint-Pierre and Saint-Michel locks… The whole area has a profusion of little cafés and terraces where you can laze around alongside the water…

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    The most sporty

    Bar Basque

    South west french atmosphere - 1.2 km from Mama

    A Toulouse institution. Groups of people come here for a drink in the vast garden that looks a bit like an old-fashioned French outdoor dance hall.
    7 place Saint-Pierre, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 61 21 55 64

    The evening continues with tasty tapas – delicious serrano ham, cod croquettes or chorizo – and as soon as the atmosphere heats up, we head for the dance floor. And when Stade Toulousain are victorious the best is yet to come because Bar Basque is above all THE place to vibrate – and prolong the third half until dawn…

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    The most cosmopolitan

    Numero 5 Wine Bar

    1.4 km from Mama

    With 800 grape varieties from 20 countries, it’s one of the most prestigious wine bars in Toulouse. It was created by Anne and Thomas Cabrol, who were awarded the title of best wine bar in the world by the British magazine The World Fine Wine for three consecutive years - 2017, 18 and 19.
    5 Rue de la Bourse, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 61 38 44 51

    The duo then handed over the reins to another enthusiast, Philippe Meynadier, who is continuing the same quest for excellence and invites his guests to discover his great vintages via self-service Enomatics, which, like beer pumps, serve wine directly by the glass. High-class tasting that will hopefully enable him to pick up the same award for 2020!

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    The most night owl

    Downtown Factory

    All night long - 400 m from Mama

    The top club in Toulouse has decided to brave the times by creating a new Covid-compatible venue. Right in the heart of the city, the Downtown restores the spirit of the original Factory with a lineup prepared by its resident DJ's.
    48 place Nicolas Bachelier, 31000 Toulouse -

    But this new location houses a bar, coffee-shop, vast terrace and a restaurant with 80 seats. Seated at small carefully spaced tables you can grab a bite to eat – tapas, burgers, pokebowls and barbecue ribs. A special mention too for its excellent weekend brunch.

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  • flamingo The Mecca of photography

    Chateau d’Eau

    Photography passion - 1.6 km from Mama

    A world-class space for photography with remarkable exhibitions, combining established names and emerging artists.
    1 Place Laganne, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 61 77 09 40

    Nestled inside the city’s former water tower dating from 1823, this gallery was conceived by Jean Dieuzaide (photographer and co-founder of the Rencontres d’Arles) who exhibited Doisneau, Brassaï, Cartier-Bresson and Elliott Erwitt there.

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    flamingo For the curious ones

    The natural history museum

    Science & History - 1.5 km from Mama

    Ultra-modern museography and 2.5 million exhibits make it the most important center of scientific culture in Europe.
    35 allée Jules Guesde 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 67 73 84 84

    Nevertheless the museum’s prestige is not only about the sheer abundance of its collections, but is above all about its willingness to share and help people discover the links that unite humankind, nature and the environment. The presentations are spectacular and the sequences unfold in a very instructive way – be they the origins of life, the relationships between species or the movements of the planets.

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    flamingo A stroll to titillate the taste buds

    Several addresses to discover

    For goumet ones - from 350 m to 600 m from Mama

    As you’ve seen, Toulouse is a city of epicureans. So if you fancy sharing their enthusiasm and their personal favorites, just wander through the old town and treat yourself to a first stop at the Paradis Gourmand, famous for its exquisite "galettes des rois briochées".
    5 place Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse

    Not far away, you’ll find Maison de la Violette with its violet flavored sweets and Bacquié with its cassoulets and duck confits sold the old-fashioned way in jars. Then head to the Saint Georges bakery to taste their Fenetras – yummy cakes made with meringue marzipan and candied lemons. And the best is yet to come with a wander around the market in Place des Carmes or the one in Place Victor Hugo, where you shouldn’t miss out on the Garcia cold cuts stall and Xavier’s cheese stall.


    Paradis Gourmand, 45 rue des Tourneurs. Toulouse. Tel 05 61 22 05 77

    Maison de la Violette, barge on the Canal du Midi, 3 Bd Bonrepos. Tel 05 61 99 01 30.

    Chez Bacquié, 5 place victor Hugo, Toulouse. Tel 05 61 23 39 87

    Boulangerie Saint-Georges, 6 Place Saint-Georges, Toulouse. Tel 05 61 22 71 19

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    flamingo For sports enthusiasts

    Stade Ernest-Wallon

    Rugby - 4.6 km from Mama

    Go to the Stade Toulousain on a Sunday and mingle with the fans.
    114 Rue des Troènes, 31200 Toulouse -

    Discover the history of the club, which was founded in 1907 and is one of the oldest in France. It’s the city’s pride and joy – and its soul!

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    flamingo For a fun night

    Trois T

    Let the show begin - 600 m from Mama

    Book an evening at the Trois T, one of Toulouse’s favorite venues where rising stars and well-known comedians present their shows.
    40 rue Gabriel Péri, 31000 Toulouse - +33 (0)5 61 63 00 74

    We love the show “Toulousain” which is regularly programmed – very funny and very true to the local spirit.

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