• DJ Daniella Font

    Back on 24/02/2023

    DJ Daniella Font, whose sounds fall in the genre of tech and house, has built quite the repertoire. She has been featured on Bloop London and Ext.Radio. Font has played various shows at different venues and events including Koda Events, Thundr, Reunion London, and The 3am Club. 

  • DJ Mario D' Ambrosio

    Back on 17/02/2023

    Originating from Naples, Italy; London-based artist Mario D’ambrosio is a name that continues to gain weight within underground circles – year on year. He has played at many venues, including fabriclondon, E1, Village Underground, Egg London, TAG Club, Ovest Club, DUEL:BEAT, Mostra d’Oltremare, Mandarino Club, Ibiza Global Radio, The Breakfast Club and more. Look forward to the sounds of Techno, Electronic and House music.

  • DJ Tamara Havoc

    Tamara Havoc is a London-based DJ. She has quite the repertoire as she has played electronic dance music for Egg London – the nightclub, techno beats in Morocco and some chilled sounds for Netil Radio. 


    CLEIDO is a proudly Angolan Afro-House DJ based in London. Born and raised in South Africa and he has a deep desire to champion the sounds of African dance music. Cleido fuses together an eclectic mix of Afro-House with deep house, downtempo and melodic techno to cater to audiences with diverse musical tastes.

    Through each vibrant set delivered by Cleido, the crowd is exposed to a number of unique sounds from a variety of regions in Africa, with not one region taking precedence over another. The London-based DJ revels not only in the fusion of sounds from different regions of the continent but also in introducing his crowd to new, atypical sounds, keeping them on their feet well into the night.

    As Cleido takes London by storm, above all else, he wishes to captivate and dazzle listeners with the rich musical culture that the African continent has to offer.