• Mama's Afterwork

    *Each Thursday

    Mama’s Afterwork

    Every Thursday

    From 7pm – DJ mamamojiSet

    Cocktail ‘Mama Loves U mamamoji‘ to share for 4


    4 arancinis



  • Hippy & Chic Party



    THURSDAY HIPPIE mamamoji CHIC mamamoji FEVER

    DJ SET  mamamoji




    Highly inspired by Afro sounds and new vibes, Andria enjoys moving from one musical world to another although he remains Hip Hop centered. As he just graduated from UCPA Dj school as head of the class, he is now resident at Ninkasi Gerland and he keeps playing for clubs and festival to demonstrate his multifaceted skills. 

  • Melo-J

    Back on 16/06/2023, 30/06/2023

    Jao Andrianjohary has always been an ardent music lover. Mélo-J is an artist whose unusual experience as musician has influenced some people in Madagascar. Membre of the famous Rdj’s Team, the art djing gave him a passion and a talent for arrangement in general. Strengthening he musical heritage from Lyon where he’s now established, Mélo-J is shaped by a huge diversity that one can hear in his set, along with Hip Hop that he considers timeless.

  • Mama's Brunch

    *Each Saturday, Sunday

    Mama’s mamamojiBrunch 🥞

    Every Saturday & Sunday

    42€ per adult
    20€ per kid

    Come & enjoy the biggest brunch in town


    Book here ↘️


  • Funky House // w/ Dj Crabees

    Active for more than 10 years, Dj Crabees has proven himself in various competitions (Beat4Battle Scratchconf vice champion) as well as for the first parts of artists such as GZA, Guilty Simpson, Apollo Brown for example, combining perfectly technique and musicality! His style, tinged with Soul notes and Jazzy rhythms, traces a certain history of Rap. Between kick and snare, Dj Crabees plays his maestro fingers to make heads and bodies move.


    This young self-taught musician has been soothed by France Gall’s records as a child. Passionate about Soul, Disco, Funk and House, Francky Fruits created the Salade de Fruits crew with party friends. He satisfies his thirst for sharing and creating through the production of energetic sets made of all kind of House sounds.

  • SUNDAY LIVE / Sofia Hamai

    Meeting Sofia is a nice musical adventure. She is a choirmaster but also know how to control the hearts thanks to a warm, unique and generous voice. Her wide repertoire goes from Soul to Funk with a common groove that gives goose bumps. Sofia Hamaï has more than one string to her bow, the Gospel Soul spirit is born!


  • Dj Sane

    Back on 29/06/2023

    Graffiti artist back in the days for AMA collective, Sane was also part of “Illicite” rap band, producing their sounds and 2 instrumentals on 1st IPM album. Today, Dj SaNe proposes a mix of Hip Hop, Nu Soul, of Soulful House and Afro Deep. The idea is to display a list of present sounds that are not put forward enough, and to propose open-minded artists, not alreadyshaped by commercial radios. Enjoy!

  • Glitter Party 🏳️‍🌈

    Glitter Party

    You just want to have fun ? Like Cindy Lauper could say mamamoji

    Just Janice Fine & Josy Fine will add ✨glitter ✨to your evening with us ✨✨✨✨

    A meet and great from 8pm to 9.30pm
    First show at 9.30pm
    Blind test – glitter bar mamamoji

    Party will be crazy mamamoji






    Tibo is an off-raod Dj : clubs, radio, stages, he keeps mastering all formats for ages now. Hip Hop head at the forefront of fresh releases, he gets used to each crowd he faces and can make you dance on Baile Funk, Dem Bow, House or Jersey, but also on classic Funk and Soul hits. He founded La Phonkerie back in 2020.


    Kenzy recorded his debut album EMYNONA back in 2011, in London. It was produced by Al Stone (Jamiroquaï, Bjork, Estelle). After he participated in “The Voice” tv show in 2014, his own cover of Charles Trenet’s “La Mer” surprised a lot and went quite viral. A month later, he was proposed to tour around Turkey, on the seaside…Here’s what happens when you sing “La Mer” (the sea)!

    Since 2010, Kenzy played a lot in bars and had the opportinies to produce himself on stage of different big festivals like Jazz à Viennes, the Francofolies, and the Printemps de Bourges. A new record is to be released…