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Mama was envisioned a dozen years ago as more than just a hotel mamamoji, but rather as a place to live, celebrate mamamoji and meet. The success exceeded our expectations. Today, as the way we work has changed with the massive use of teleworking mamamoji leaving us away from each other, Mama offers you the possibility of bringing your collaborators together mamamoji to rediscover exchanges and creativity mamamoji. Both our workshops and our restaurants have adopted the best safety measures mamamoji by benefiting from the Veritas label. So, contact us so that we can offer you the best solution for your challenges. And, do not forget Mama Loves You! mamamoji


Say goodbye to dull and dreary meeting rooms. Mama has shaken things up with cool conference spaces, co-working facilitiesscreening areas and even two karaoke rooms in London so you can roll your sleeves up or let your hair down. We’ll tailor your needs to create an event to remember.

  Fully equipped   Modular and adaptable

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Eat & Drink

Once work is done, a little downtime is in order. Gather around one of our large dining tables to share dishes prepped with love. There’s something for everyone, from appetizers to Mama’s generous desserts.


Group dining

Homemade food


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Our rooms are designed with both rest and fun in mind. Bedding is plush and cozy; toiletries are organic and large screens provide the opportunity to stream your favorite movies, including X-rated, for free.


Luxury bedding

Free movies

Alice, Sales in Lyon

“Our offer is wide and customizable. Our staff is there to respond to your request, and put together an ideal and suitable event for you.”

They talk about us

  • Regina - Rio, 2019

    “Our group lunch was amazing, it’s not all about food, but the relaxed atmosphere that we feel like sharing our meal with friends and family at home.”

  • Veronique - Belgrade, 2019

    “The Mama Shelter is our favorite hotel in Belgrade ! Great service ! Nice Team ! Always do the best to be helpful ! Vinci Airports loves U !”

Mama Works offers coworking spaces in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Luxembourg.

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